battoe moon at new bridge

Re-enactors bringing to life the running battles for Bergen County around Hackensack

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Another well done event by the Bergen County Historical Society highlighted by the Battoe ‘Moon’, a replica 18th Century bateau brought down to Hackensack by Cap’n Scott Monro. Nice to have a boat back at New Bridge Landing as the site is where it is not only because it was a convenient place to put a bridge across the Hackensack but also because it was a convenient landing for boats sailing up the river from New York.

The  Battoe rowed up from the New (and quite nice) launch site by the submarine Ling early on Saturday morning and back on Sunday.

Up at New Bridge Landing they had a number of re-enacted battles…Sunday afternoons crowds, thanks to a beautiful fall day, were impressive.


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NJ Choral Society Symphony of Voices

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Another New Jersey Choral Society Concert in Ridgewood at the West Side Presbyterian Church. ‘Symphony of voices’ in which they combined with another choir from Connecticut.

These folks are really quite amazing and I am honored to be able to shoot for them.

Following the concert was a reception at the Women’s Club in Ridgewood just down the street that included a ‘red carpet’ as well as presentations.

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Beginning of the march

March for Justice

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It’s not a black issue, it’s a justice issue.crowd at central and union.

Actually felt proud of Hackensack…a beautiful spring evening. About four hundred people from various organizations participate in a march of “Justice and Solidarity” for Trayvon Martin in Hackensack. The event is being held on the 44th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

And the photographer was even caught on camera himself… . That’s me at far left, though the Record photographer (who is probably better) had the better shot, getting faces as well as the church in the background. Read More


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As a news photographer and occasional New York City visitor I see a lot of ‘art’. As a photographer, I’m usually more caught up in catching the look and feel of an event and searching for an interesting an unique look then in the event itself, but once in a while I am really impressed.

The Terpsichoreans  impressed me. Not the incredable athleticism of ballet, but for a variety of looks, a lot of kids up on stage having fun, a variety of music, an enthusiastic crowd (so much more fun then the’ glare if you drop a lens cap classical crowd’).

Hope the pictures speak for themselves. And hope you’ll make their next event.

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Martin Luther King Birthday Celebration

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Singing of 'We Shall Overcome'

Singing of 'We Shall Overcome'

One of those events where you come away inspired. Inspired by how far we as a people have come, inspired by how far we still have to go, inspired by beautiful music….inspired by the event ending with everyone holding hands and singing we shall overcome someday!

At the beautiful Central Unitarian Church in Paramus with most of the county luminaries, a great keynote speech…first Theordora Smiley Lacey, former Teaneck teacher and civil rights activist spoke about growing up in Montgomery Alabama, knowing and working with Dr. King, and then being involved in the struggle in Bergen County to integrate the Teaneck schools. Then her son, Clinton Lacey, deputy Commissioner of the NYC Department of Correction brought home how the struggle is far from over. Others spoke up including Read More

turkey packing crew at the rc church

Doing Good for Thanksgiving

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Maybe not the most exciting shoots, but the weekend before thanksgiving I shot a couple of groups trying to do good.

Goody Bags for the Troops was putting together decorated paper bags to send to the troops overseas. Congressman Scott Garrett showed up and worked along side the volunteers (which is more then you can say for this photographer).

The Annual River Edge Turkey drive at St. Peter’s RC church collected a phenomenal amount of food. Kudos to all the people from the parish and community who dropped of food.  Read More

Street fair picture - Spanish Harlem Orchestra playing at the end of the event.

Hackensack Street Fair

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Rocking to the music of Spanish Harlem  - Mayor Jorge E. Meneses.

Rocking to Spanish Harlem Orchestra Mayor Meneses.

For those of you that don’t know, Hackensack is somewhat past it’s glory. Apperently back in the day before the the shopping mall Hack was the place to go and folks who grew up around here in the 50’s recall shopping trips to Hackensack from such prosiac places as Ridgewood or Glen Rock as one of the highlights of their youth.

Still, I love being in Hackensack…convenient to the city and the woods, good transit, the beautiful river nearby (and spread out from the studio windows).

So it was good to see Hackensack’s Main Street as a bustling place to be once more… and it was a very friendly and very mixed crowd.

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Surviving Irene

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We have survived.
As we live only a block from the tidal part of the Hackensack River so our area had a voluntary evacuation….a voluntary evacuation? What’s the difference between that and a vacation? We did move the car out of the basement parking lot and filled a bunch of water bottles and, being campers, we have enough candles, flashlights, propane and the like to survive comfortably for weeks.

The Hackensack, despite the  pictures below, got away fine, but some of the other towns in the are have some serious flooding  ….maybe someday the powers that be will understand that dams only control flooding if they are drawn down so that they hold water during heavy rain…and of course developing in a flood plain is seldom a good idea. The powers that be will say that the rain was so severe no one could anticipate it (despite it being less severe then what meteorologists had forecast). Heard NJ Gov. Christie on the news on Thursday night saying he wasn’t going to open the flood gates at Pompton Lakes until he had convincing proof that drawing the lake down would lessen the flooding. How convincing off a proof do they need….though of course the problem is development in low lying flood prone areas. For many houses along the Pompton and Passiac this will be the third time they are being flooded in 5 months.

Still, as you can see, the flooding is impressive, though for the most part it’s of parks, parking lots and old buildings…things that can survive flooding.

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Commitment Ceremony

Grail Commitment Ceremony

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The Grail is an international, interfaith women’s movement committed to spiritual search, social transformation, ecological sustainability and the release of women’s energy throughout the world. More at .

On the weekend of June 11th, Martha and I went to the Grail to witness our good friend Julia’s joining the Grail community of Women.

Beautiful ceremony and a wonderful weekend….

And since I was in Cornwall I spent Saturday afternoon paddling on the Hudson from Moodna Creek down below Storm King out in the swells and currents and Sunday was the Adirondack Mountain Club’s mid-hudson chapter paddlefest and Plum Point. Read More

KImi, Jiha, Cindy and the sunset over Fairlawn after the rain

Web Developers Meetup

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Yea, I know it’s geeky, but wanted to get some better pictures of the meetup.

And how often do you get a cool sunset from a Panera in a strip mall? Maybe not a photographers dream, but the wifi works, the chairs are comfortable and the food isn’t too bad or too expensive and the people are pretty helpful.

And of course the a couple of months later we packed the place so organizer Kimi Wei asked for even more pictures-though many people preferred not to be pictured…

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