New York City

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Sea of yellow in park transverse

A portfolio of shots around New York City over the last several years….from Christo’s Gates (which I abused for my often acclaimed business cards and website header) to interesting street scapes to the laziest of pictures….the view of the city from the palatial TomHartPhoto world headquarters (and needless to say, this view is one of the main reasons the headquarters is where it is as beautiful as downtown Hackensack is).

Hope you enjoy them, get insprired to shoot some of your own

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Not quite National Geographic, but birds are beautiful, fascintating creatures and getting better bird shots has become a passion. From the Hackensack River literally in our front yard to further afield….this is the photography  I am passionate about.

This is a somewhat varied portfolio from some classic and stunning shots to the interesting…like the bald eagle catching a fish on the  Hackensack taken from quite a distance in failing winter evening light (they skim their massive talons just below the surface as the skim just above it to spear or grab an unwary fish).

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