teaneck color run

Teaneck Color Run

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It started really late, nearly the entire pack was lost with only the top 5 finishers running the course and the rest showing up at the finish from the wrong direction many minutes late…but they had a great time and it’s a nice part of Teaneck, nestled as it is up against I-95 (and Teaneck Creek Nature Center).

Results, such as they were, at .There’s  a huge gap after the fifth finisher…obviously where the leaders got a gap and everyone else got off course.

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Bergen County Cross Country Meet of Champions

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2 observations.

  1. Cross Country on a fall day is a beautiful sport
  2. I know a lot more about cross country then I do about football, basketball  or any of the other sports I usually shoot. I feel those athletes pain and triumph. Not that I ever would have been any better then a solid of middle of the packer in a race like this, but I can understand and empathize with all the work and all the effort they put out on the course.  Even the middle of the packers are working pretty hard.
    josette norris finishing.

    Josette Norris finishing 2nd

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girls group b start crossing the sand pit

County Group XC Championships

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Bergen County 2011 High School Group Cross Country Running championships at Darlington County Park in Mahwah.

As a runner in my past life I’d wanted to shoot cross country for sometime….arrived a bit late for the top boys race…Darlington is a big place and the start finish area was in the back with no parking all too close. Took me a couple of races to get the good vantage so most of the good shots are of the girls ‘b’ race (big schools) and some from the girls ‘a’ (awfully big schools).

One thing my coach always did was have folks at end of the race with Gatorade and a shoulder to help us out. Virtually none of these girls had help and a lot could have used it. So thanks, coach Griffith.

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