Tom Hart tries to use an art-journalistic approach to photography, trying to tell the story in an interesting, beautiful and artistic way. I prefer to capture what people are doing rather then pose them….but if I have to pose them going for a more relaxed, less formal look. I use flash to add to the light but not be the light. Whenever possible I bounce or use a reflector to spread the light to get as soft and natural a light. For events  I also strives to be  unobtrusive, posing folks at events only when necessary, shooting with longer lenses and without flash (when possible) to stay clear of the action. More about my event work or see a showcase of the many events I’ve shot. As a web developer as well as a photographer, much of my work is for businesses, capturing the images that show the business at it’s best for websites,  social networking or brochures. Contact me to see how my style can fit your event or photo needs or learn about my very reasonable pricing.