Housatonic with HRCKC

Another great trip led by Bob Rancan. Really beautiful country which is the biggest reason I’m posting this. With him mountains all around it’s the prettiest river I’ve  floating within driving distance.

Originally Bob had planned to lead a trip on the Shepaug, but lower water moved the trip for Bob’s annual escape from the traditional start of trout season in our home state of New Jersey so you don’t want to be on Jersey rivers with a group trip. Flow was about 500 cfs at Falls Village . The record low flow for April 7th made things a bit scratchy but eliminated the big waves and trickier moves….or at least those that happened fast.

Everyone arrived on time in downtown Kent with Bob timing it to the minute and Chris going for refreshment when he arrived before Bob. We shuttled to River Road, a dirt road just above West Cornwall. Launches further north get too close to the noise from Lime Rock race track and pulled out on N Kent No. 2 road, a dirt road about 3 1/2 miles north of ‘downtown’ Kent. There’s places to pull out in Kent but the pullout north of Kent means no flatwater in the reseviour behind the Kent dam.


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