Great Swamp of Patterson

Beautiful day, beautiful trip, thanks once again Bob.

Swelled by resent rains, the Great Swamp was several feet above it’s usually muddy early summer levels, allowing us to short cut a few of the s-bends, but also making us deal with actual current, especially after the channel got constricted below our lunch break on 22.

We started just below the Patterson Train station (going past station, taking left on dirt road and going more or less straight). With 21 people it took a while to hit the water, but it was a beautiful day and not a bad spot to wait.

Great Swamp of Patterson pictures

Finish was at Green Chimneys, 400 Doansburg Road, Brewster, New York, which had a vast parking lot open to the public on weekends but clearly with no additional parking on weekdays.

If anyone wants incriminating pictures removed or better copies contact me.

Anyone up that way should give the Great Swamp a try, especially with the recent rains. It was stunning and could easily be done as an up and back from Green Chimneys, Patterson or even heading upstream from your lunch spot on abandoned bridge a few hundred feet above the NY 22 crossing.


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