Paramus 20 Northern Valley Old Tappan 16 HS Football

Exciting…I know I shouldn’t admit it, but this was a great game…certainly the most exciting I have ever been at. Not the Giant’s 2007 Superbowl victory (the most exciting game I ever saw), not pro over even college sports, but still good players trying hard.
Being on the sideline (trying to stay out of the way of the coaches way) puts you right in the heart of it.

I was photographing (not reporting) so did not get the details of time and score but….going into the game they were ranked 9th and 10th in New Jersey.

In the final minutes of the game, Paramus leading 14-13, Old Tappan marches the length of the field and settles for a field goal from the 10 which Paramus blocks. Paramus lets the ball sit on the 2 thinking the ball is dead when they could have picked it up and advanced it, easily getting 10+ yards as they had people in the backfield waiting for the trick play…backed into their end zone, Paramus takes the ball 88 yards to the 10 where they fumble it away. OT marches back and kicks a field goal with less then a minute left Paramus takes the kickoff and marches the length of the field to score.

Old Tappan forces a fumble on the 10, marches the length of the field and successfully kicks a field goal. Paramus, with less then a minute left takes the ball the length of the field and scores on a pass to the end zone….and Old Tappan can’t close it out in the final 20 seconds.

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