Hilary Duff book Signing

I really had no idea what a big deal this would be. My editor at North Jersey Media said it shouldn’t take me more then a few minutes like a typical book signing. Couple shots of the author, try to get them to interact with an interesting customer, shoot the owner of Books and Greetings, Ken Sarfin,  with the author, move onto the next shoot. I guess that her name actually rang a bell should have tipped me off.

When I arrived it took me more then a few minutes to park. The lines was hundreds of Hillary Duff at Books and Greetings in Northvale NJ.

Once again the press pass got me thru….like a real pro even though she didn’t give me the time of day she made sure i had the picture. Quick plug for my lumiquest pocket bouncer (a contraption of velcro and plastic that attached to the top of a flash), which I got on in seconds when I got in just as Hilary was posing and realized that Books and Greetings had 12′ ceilings and she was in the middle of the room. See this picture to see what straight ahead flash (harsh shadows, light bouncing of skin) looks like.


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