Social Distancing Stickers 7″ square


Tired of having folks crowd in an eddy or bumping you on a wave? Each Sticker Measures 7 Inches by 7 Inches. Not as heavy duty as the kccny stickers, but not bad.
Social distancing sticker I put on the day before paddling just in front of the cockpit has held up well. Social distancing sticker I put behind the cockpit right before paddling whitewater are peeling.

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After a few paddles I’ll say I’ve gotten more space with these stickers on and less weird looks when I’ve pushed folks away with my paddle. There’s nothing subtle about these stickers.
Warning – If you are using this on kayaks, expect kayakers to give you a hard time but respect your desire for space.
And give folks a chance…don’t sit in small eddies where folks will come in quickly nor at places folks will want to go, such as along the shore where an eddy recircs to get folks back up to a wave.