4 inch round Heavy Duty KCCNY


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KCCNY 4″ round decals heavy weight (3.6 mil thickness) UV resistant decals suitable for boats, cars and paddles*.

Shipping cost is the same however many your order.  All profits including profits from handling go towards kccny.com . We’ll send them out first class US Mail.

Or join kccny.com and get 2 free stickers.

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White BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene film) stickers, waterproof with permanent adhesive.

Not flexible enough for rounded surfaces like helmets.

Selling at close to cost hoping you all will spread the good KCCNY word by putting these on your boats, paddles, cars, coolers. The possibilities are endless.

Or join kccny.com and get 2 free stickers (and yea, I know it doesn’t say that on kccny.com as the webmaster refuses to “make changes to the website often. “)

Why 4” – anything smaller is hard to read socially distanced.
Sorry about selling on a personal site but neither kccny.com nor our blog kccny.Wordpress.com/ are set up for e-commerce.